Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven Cover Complex

With the duo’s film adaptation of Entorage releasing June 3rd Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven gets a little love on the forthcoming issue of Complex mag. They speak on love for Hip Hop, their budding friendship and more:

You represent two different generations in Hollywood. Cudi’s getting in now and, Jeremy, you’ve already experienced so much. What do you think the biggest difference is between your Hollywood and his?

JP: We’ve definitely come up in different times. I’ve never experienced a weirder time to be famous. I think it’s never been less cool to be famous than right now, because you’ve got a group of people, and you don’t know what they contribute. Yet they’re taking victory laps; they may be acting out on reality shows. Throwing breast milk at each other, making a great deal of money. So that’s awkward, and strange. There’s a lot of attention being paid to that, and people getting shots for reasons other than…

KC: —artistry.

JP: I came up in a time where you could do a lot of things under the radar. Now, everything is documented. Cudi’s different froms the rest of the people in this generation, because he really can be humble. He’s willing to learn, and grow, and get better. A lot of people of this generation don’t have that patience. They want to blow up now.

KC: Like, right now. I hate that.

JP: They want a shortcut. The reality is there are rites of passage.

To check out the complete interview, written by Joe La Puma, head here.

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