Ty Farris drops a new EP “No Cosign, Just Cocaine”

“A Valentines Day Massacre”. That’s how Ty Farris is describing the release of his new EP “No Cosign Just Cocaine”. 9 new songs with production from Stu Bangas (@stu_bangas), Dirty Diggs (@dirtydiggs),Rob Viktim (@robviktim), Bozack Morris (@bozackmorris), Crabskull and his in house producer J Bansky. The first single “Dirt Naps” has been featured on Tony Touch,Dj Eclipse and Dj Premier show. Songs like “Motherless Child” and “Leave You” really shows Ty’s versatility and range with content. Lyrically songs like “Draw A Picture For Ya Brain” and “Bob Baffert” displays how sharp his pen game is. Its no denying that Ty Farris belongs in the discussion as one of the top lyricists and songwriters in 2018. The project is available on all streaming platforms along with 3 bonus freestyles exclusively on his soundcloud page.

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