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1stDayFresh Feature: Woo Child

St. Louis rapper Woo Child released the EP Heirs (watch the music video for “Center Stage”) in 2015, produced entirely by three-time St. Louis Underground Music Fest Beat Champion, JBJR. Woo’s discography includes the single “Move” on the Monarchy Records/Spectra Music Group label, which became the original entrance music for WWE Tag Team, The Prime Time Players, seen on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smack Down, and PPV events. Woo Child songs have been heard on Target’s “Bullseye University”, MLB Network Countdown, AT&T’s Uverse Channel, Golf Channel’s “Inside The PGA”, The Young Turks, The NFL Jets Huddle, Jim Rome Is Burning, The Style Network’s “How Do I Look”, and LA Lakers games among others, as well as the video games Saint’s Row 3 and UFC Undisputed 3, where former UFC champion Tiago Alves comes to the ring bumping “I Am” by Woo Child. Woo Child’s last outing saw his single “All I Want” land on Fox NFL’s Halftime Report sponsored by Nissan for the Chiefs vs Raiders game that served as Charles Woodson’s farewell game. Woo’s most recent release is the single “Saturday”.

Who’s your favorite rapper ever and why?

Redman.  Muddy Waters pretty much was the soundtrack to my childhood.

You’ve been increasi­ngly vocal on the va­rious culture/identi­ty wars taking place in the USA lately: the NFL controversy, the shortcomings of the white moderate, etc. What direction do you think these conversations are taking the country in and what’s your pe­rspective on that?

I don’t know about “direction”, but it has exposed what we as black folks have been saying all along.  This is the America that black folks have been living in this entire time, so it’s necessary for others, especially white folks, to acknowledge this, be allies, and be proactive anti-racism and anti-discrimination advocates.

Do you think there’s a noticeable differ­ence in rap style be­tween St. Louis and the rest of the Midw­est? Can you describe it?

The Midwest as a whole is a melting pot in my opinion. Styles go in waves and we tend to be very versatile. Not only do we set trends, we tend to be able to do all types of styles concurrently. I love that about the midwest, you get a little bit of everything.

What’s your process for writing songs? Do you tell yourself you’re gonna write a song and sit down and muscle it out? Or do you work on seve­ral gradually? Do you have a preferred place you like to write?

I go through beats and choose ones that fit my current mood. Whatever speaks to me.  Then I jump in the car and drive around humming to it, until I get patterns and melodies. When I have that structure, I tend to sit in my studio and type out the lyrics with those patterns and melodies. I never force it, but some ideas will come to me when I’m not in the zone, and I’ll make a Google doc in my drive with the idea and store it for later.

Who gets your vote for undisputed king of speed rapping and why?

Twista.  I don’t think that needs explanation.


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