Jody Leylac presents the acoustic version of hit reggae single “No De De”

East coast reggae sensation Jody Leylac premieres the acoustic version of her summer anthem “No De De” exclusively with Top Shelf Reggae.

Jody Leylac’s stripped down version of single, “No De De” highlights her melodic vocals which she developed while singing in a gospel choir as a child in Jamaica. The leading reggae music publication Top Shelf Reggae recognized her growing potential and ran an exclusive premiere of the track. “Beginning with melancholic keys, Leylac enters the track forlorn, cooing along to the jazzy melody. That is, until she giggles and the timbre changes to accusatory. “Why you comin’ over here?” Questions Leylac, can’t you see I’m with my girls?”

“No De De” reenacts a 1930’s nightclub style, backed by Jody’s traditional reggae vocal cadence. “Since the track is about playful rejection, this allusion to yesteryear, when women were treated with more respect, is all the more fitting. Ending with a unique laugh-singing, almost skatting, technique on the bridge, Jody Leylac’s new R&B-meets-reggae vibe in this track is one to be recognized.”

Jody has potential to make a significant impact within the male dominated R&B/reggae scene with her collection of new music. Indie music magazine and radio network Jam Sphere wrote, “Her tone is full-bodied and rich with a chilling timber. She sings with passion narrating heartbreak and love.”

“No De De (Acoustic Version)” is available now on SoundCloud. For updates or more information about Jody Leylac visit the social media links below.

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