Dima Kash takes a look at marital issues and more in “Love/Hate” video

Dima Kash’s “Love/Hate” music video released Tues., Oct. 16, plays like a theatrical drama, taking on problems that impact numerous households — marital issues, questions of paternity and texting and driving.

“The video has a deep meaning,” says the St. Paul, Minnesota-based artist who wrote the screenplay. “Basically, you got to appreciate what you got while you got it. Appreciate what you got before it’s gone. A lot of people face everything that has been shown in the video.”

In the 4-minute-and-40-second visual directed by Sam Armstrong and H. Hardy, a husband angrily denies being the biological father of his wife’s adult son, and the altercation escalates into a fight with the child. Matters get worse by the video’s unexpected surprise ending.

The rapper, songwriter, artist and studio owner who has been featured in Go 95.3 and City Pages, released his debut album, Vibe With Me, in 2013, and follow up, Kash Over Everything, in 2015. More than a dozen of his compelling music videos that have addressed inner city struggles (“The Game” feat. Andrew Thomas, “Can’t Breathe”), social injustice (“Open Your Eyes” feat. Monaye Love) and the rap game (“Can’t Slow Down” feat. J. Plaza) have received tens of thousands of YouTube plays. “Can’t Breathe” has generated more than 2.4 million streams on Spotify.

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