PINERO|SERENE release their debut EP “Dark Matter”

PINERO|SERENE release their highly anticipated debut EP Dark Matter. The London-based alternative dream-pop duo premiered their debut single ‘Take My Soul’ on Clash Magazine, with the video premiering on FGUK, while their sophomore single ‘Dead Flowers’ was premiered on TMRW Magazine. Dark Matter EP was recorded and mixed by Itay Kashti of Blue Room Studios. PINERO|SERENE is the combined force of German/Filipino bass player, Cheryl Pinero and UK vocalist, Neeq Serene. Pinero is also the bassist for all-female indie rock band Friedberg, whose acclaimed debut single ‘Boom’ has received support from the likes of Red Bull Music, KALTBLUT Magazine, BBC Radio 6 Music, FM4 and Eins Live. She has featured as a touring bassist for numerous acts including Queen Kwong, Salt Ashes, Tara Lee and KT Tunstall and is a previous member of The Go! Team. 

Based in London’s East End, PINERO|SERENE transform their emotional experiences into strengths through creative channels. Neeq began songwriting as a teenager, intrigued by the complexities of the human condition and the pressures of society and conformity. She began performing spoken word poetry at open mic nights around London in her early 20’s, and as a huge fan of the UK trip-hop scene, started “bedroom” producing and experimenting with dark and moody vocals. She grew very attached to the potency of words when delivered with frequency, and has since been focused on the development of abstract songwriting and production skills, whilst featuring in ad-hoc projects with friends and other like-minded musicians. Cheryl began playing bass at age thirteen, and toured around Germany and The Netherlands in her early twenties, eventually settling in London.

PINERO|SERENE gravitate towards acts such as Portishead, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Warpaint, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Buckley, and Placebo, although their own sound offers an immersive, dream-like experience, born from the amalgamation of melodic bass lines and a melancholic vocal narrative. Drawing parallels to a blend of the Cocteau Twins’ dream-pop tendencies with Nirvana’s grunge-infused bass lines, PINERO|SERENE showcase all that is beautiful, arcane and unsettling.

On Dark Matter, PINERO|SERENE craft deeply textured explorations of heartache, longing, dismay, and emotion. Although they’ve delivered a cohesive vision of internal destruction, Dark Matter remains accessible and the duo has etched feeling, sentiment, and intensity so deftly into sound that it vibrates the very soul. The EP reveals more with each listen – whether it’s a lyrical turn of phrase or an unexpected twist in the arrangement. A showcase of mood, sentiment and sensation, Dark Matter coalesces craft and instinct for a collection of tracks that rejoice in an off-the-cuff dreamlike sensuality. PINERO|SERENE’s command of their music’s rich and vast vocabulary, combined with their palpable chemistry, is a window into a dark and stormy night of the soul.

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