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First Day Feature: Big Zay Mack talks “Country Rap Tunes” EP, his creation process and MSPHiT Entertainment

Want to know something that’s been a part of rap culture since the literal beginning of it? Cars and the desire to shine in them. A lot of oldheads in the culture would have you believe Hip-Hop has more recently become materialistic but that simply is not the case. If you track back to what’s typically heralded as the first rap smash, “Rapper’s Delight”, you’ll catch bars about a Lincoln Continental and a brand new Cadillac.

The South has of course embraced car culture in it’s raps as well. Houston has mad a living off of speaking about their slabs, as has Florida with their donks. In Mississippi’s case you look at rappers like Big Zay Mack, who stakes his claim as The King of Trunk Muzik. The Columbus native has unabashedly brought his style consistently over several projects and continues forth with his latest, “Country Rap Tunes”. We sat down with the artist to get some insight about how Trunk Muzik became his lane, how Country Rap Tunes came about and much more:

To start tell us a bit about yourself for anyone being introduced to you?

Bless. I’m a country boy known as Big Zay Mack. A.K.A. the King Of Trunk Muzik.

What’s your definition of Trunk Muzik exactly? I’m not sure everyone may know.

Trunk Muzik. It’s the heart of the slab. The soul of the car. In order to truly understand it, you have to be in tune and really appreciate your car. Create a bond with it.

When you started rapping did you have the intentions of being who you now see yourself as? Or did becoming the King of Trunk Muzik happen organically though your sound?

Not at all. I lacked an identity. I write my lyrics to sound like Slim Thug and Curren$y and Master P. I wanted to be them. Confidence wasnt there to write what I wanted. Over time I really wrote about what was prevalent to me in my life. Which at the time was riding around in cars with my music loud.

So with that being said how do you go about creating your music? Is it ever in the car itself?

A big majority of the music I create is in the car, yes. Or I’ll be out and about, probably a little liquored up and an idea will pop in my head. My music is based off of what I’m feeling at the time and where I’m at. Currently I reside in San Diego, and the material I’m crafting here is a bit different than what people have grown accustomed to with me. But I know my sound, and I’m not afraid to experiment with new sounds and ideas.

How does it differ exactly? What inspirations come from that area for you?

Out here, low riders and g funk are heavy in the car culture! I’m by the Pacific Ocean everyday. Life is much more chill than it is down south back home. For every slab, there is a low rider, to paint a picture for you.

Take me back to your latest project “Country Rap Tunes”. What in specific inspired that? Was it more so missing home or wanting to introduce the West Coast to that country side more?

You hit it on the head with both of your statements. I represent the south everytime I walk out of my house. I made sure that San Diego, and every city I’m blessed to set foot in, that a country bro from Columbus, Mississippi can rap and rap well.

How has the response been?

Quite well actually. I released it in two different ways. First I pre released it on BandCamp and sold it for $11. I made almost 600 from that. Then I released it to the world on my birthday. It hasnt been done like that before. I want to change the way music is released. I’m not into fads and trends. I believe myself and the MSPHiT camp all have strong products. Why be like everyone else?

I respect that desire to stand out and I would certainly say MSPHiT does just that. So what’s to be expected next from you and your camp?

We appreciate that. The camp is working. Big Tunk got heat in the stash. Houze is back cooking up heat. Chevv is cooking up new audio dope. I’m sitting on 10 albums. The merchandise game is about to be changed for independent artists with what I have in store. I’m doing more features now, which is something I wasnt up to in the past.

How has the experience been branching out and doing features? How does it challenge your creativity?

It’s been good so far. Working artists and seeing how they create is pretty dope. I recently worked with Coke Bumaye, who was been one of my favorite artists in the state for quite some time now. That record is jammin! Dolla Black is my OG. We work on music all the time. I got a record with Yung Jewelz in the works. Flywalker and I are working on an EP. Working with other artists and producers pushes me to write my best material. I’m being introduced to their fanbase. I have to come correct.

Speaking of collaborations I’d like to know how your project with Tito Lopez came about?

Tito is my brother for life. Shout out to him and everyone in the GPT. Twitter. I reached out to him after I saw him in Seattle on tour with Big K.R.I.T. . I asked if he was up for a verse and he responded off rip. We did 66228 in 2 days. I can honestly say that Lo was the first artist in Mississippi that gave me respect for my music. He and I have a couple songs that no one has heard. Our joint EP Steel Magnolia is being mixed and mastered as we speak.

You’ve obviously got a lot planned for the future. Outside of what we’ve already discussed what should fans be on the watch for?

Whatever God says for me to do. I’m a humble guy. I know that to be where I’m at now, it wouldn’t happen without God and the people who play my music. I’m grateful for that. I’m giving away free merchandise to people who subscribe to my YouTube channel and for people who follow me on spotify. Gave away copies of NBA 2K20. I cash app gas money to people who drive to work jamming my music. I’m a man of the people.

Well said. Any last words before we wrap things up?

Yeah, dont quit. Anyone reading this, don’t quit. Things may not happen overnight. A lot of success you may see from your peers maybe perception. Your time will come. I know this because I’m still waiting for my time. Don’t become stagnant. To the legendary people at 1st day fresh, thank you.

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