Atlanta singer Lightskin Bobby collabs with Ninja Byrto for joint project “Worldwide”

With the help of infamous Atlanta music influencers DJ Kutt Throat and DJ Hollywood, Atlanta-based singer Lightskin Bobby teamed up with rapper Ninja Byrto to produce their collab project Worldwide. The 20-track project features lead single and title track “Worldwide,” which had a music video release a couple of weeks before the project dropped. Additional singles include, “Get Lit” and “Maybeline.”

Prior to jumping into a collab project with Ninja Byrto, Lightskin Bobby garnered solo success from songs like “4bidden Fruit,” “Actions Speak Louder,” and “Undercover Freak.” Before being known as Lightskin Bobby, the singer went BreyonFPMG and was known for his sultry voice and rapper syle.  

He released his sophomore project LightskinBobby earlier this year and is currently working on his third solo project for 2020.

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