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“Do The Knowledge”: My experience at Jackson Indie Music Week

You ever had a moment that kind of reminded you that you were on the right path? A push forward that just reinvigorates your hustle? As an entrepreneur and just a person in general we can often find ourselves doubting, wondering if your work is even worth it. I can be honest and say that I found myself in this same position a few weeks back.

Things had been very hard. A lot of tragedy in my personal life had me in a bad headspace and it leaked over into my passion here at 1DF. Those thoughts started to creep in….is this worth it? Do people still care? Do I still care? What do I need to do? Well, all of those doubts were eased as I participated in my first music panel courtesy of the O.G. Brad “Kamikaze” Franklin and Jackson Indie Music Week.

Jackson Indie Music Week is an annual festival that I have supported as a guest and even volunteered for in the past. As someone who is all about pushing indie music and more specifically that which comes from the state of Mississippi, JIM Week is a big deal to me. The festival is full of dope indie talent that I am both longtime fans of and some that I become fans of. I was honored to even be considered and even more honored when I actually made it to the event.

Now remember, a lot of doubt crept into my mind over the course of the past few months. I have accomplished a lot but sometimes in the moment it’s just hard to appreciate the journey. Well at this moment I’m sitting in between and being viewed on the same level as Karl Washington (entertainment lawyer for acts like Zaytoven and countless others) and Big Sant (well known MC, VH1 television star and MF x OG). It was a kick in the ass that I truly needed and a reminder that I am important. That my mission is well worth it and my accomplishments not fickle.

The panel itself, which also included Kamikaze, Redcoat Da Poet, Kaitlyn Bailey and Tevaar Smith, was a huge success and one that saw all of us provide great information and tips to remember while navigating the industry. I was happy to be able to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained as someone who believes in reciprocation. Beyond that I was able to make some fruitful connections with both my fellow panelists and artists who attended the event. I truly learned just as much as I was able to share from a knowledge standpoint.

To everyone who attended I thank you. For those of you who didn’t some video of the event is attached below to give you a peek into it all. For everyone reading, believe in you. You are worthy. You do have things to accomplish and you will. Let’s go get it!

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