LA’s Carrousel showcases creativity with “A Solitary Soul” visual

Los Angeles-based dauo Carrousel — the project of Joel Piedt and Sharon Piedt — are sharing the official music video for “A Solitary Soul,” one of the tracks off their newly released EP, ‘I Wasn’t Well.‘  

Carrousel took the challenge of shooting the “A Solitary Soul” video entirely on iPhones. Instead of feeling stifled by the device limitation, Joel notes that it actually “sparked something creatively” for the band. Throughout the video the duo don 50s-inspired sci-fi spacesuits and even shot at the same location used for some of Star War’s Tatooine scenes, creating a highly cinematic and otherworldly visual experience that unites reality and absurdity all at once. With each new visual and single release, the LA-based duo embrace their artistic freedom and welcome listeners and viewers into the world of Carrousel.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of sounds ranging from the blues, to psychedelic rock, to shoegaze, to new wave, Carrousel are determined to carve out their own sonic universe. Their futuristic pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion, and surprising grit. Alongside the bevy of new visual content, Carrousel will also release a 10-track album later this Spring titled Magnificent Desolation, an homage to Joel’s hometown of Memphis. 

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