Tatiana Scott brings her new project “The Beautiful Struggle”

A collection of songs written through various healing processes, but most impacted by the loss of Scott’s Paternal Grandmother in 2015. Tracks like “Awake” and fan favorite “747” were written during a very emotionally difficult time. “My Grandmother and I had a complicated relationship. I was her 1st born and only female grandchild. There were times when I definitely felt like she didn’t understand me. It wasn’t until she was dying that I realized how bonded we really were. I slept in the hospital room with her and in the middle of the night she reached out her hand for me, and I grabbed it. And I cried. There were so many things unsaid but understood and in those last days I spent with her, all was revealed…” The songs written after the loss were songs that completed what would’ve been an EP making it an album. Joined by her “Musical Siblings” Venor Yard & Emmanuel Talton, Scott along with the help of Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Skye Washington & Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Kaleb “KQuick” Rollins (Also Grammy Nominated: J. Cole, Alessia Cara, Omen) Scott delivers songs Like “Freefall,” “I’m In Love,” and the title track “Beautiful Struggle,” a song that touches on what it’s like to be Black in America today. Scott credits her darkest times as motivation for these songs, “these songs are my testimonies, I want the listener to not only feel seen, but to know that they can get through there dark moment as well. Sometimes the only way out is through.”

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