Marc DiNero x Rick Boom – RIOT @marc_dinero


Marc DiNero and Rick Boom‘s latest visual for their POWERFUL single titled, “RIOT“.
Shot in Louisville, KY, “RIOT” is a narration of the emotions that WE all are currently feeling in regards to the most recent killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, David Mcatee and so much more. These two artists joined the fight against racial injustice in the city of Louisville. 
“We knew that Breonna Taylor was our fight, and when the “RIOT” took place on day two we felt the need to speak on why “OUR” people were feeling this way. The anger and frustration that we feel bubbling inside from the lives that have been taken.”
“This collaboration between Rick Boom and Marc DiNero is one of the most riveting new singles from the Louisville area in regards to the movement. We need this record moved expeditiously and it can be done with the help of you.”
-Marc DiNero

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