Big Kitty throws a mansion pool party in “Make It Fat” video

Louisiana native recording artist Big Kitty dropped her music video for her hit “Make it Fat.” This is her first video ever and stands as her big debut to the music world. Like her name, Kitty did it big with this one as she takes over a mansion to throw a sexy pool party. The inspiration behind the song ‘Make it Fat’ came about from Big Kitty boasting about her “little Booty”. She is an avid supporter of women with all body shapes and sizes and she adamantly speaks against body shaming and the violation of women’s rights. The song is intended to provide joyous times with friends and family no matter the setting and occasion.

Big Kitty gets her name from family members. Kitty is a nickname that she has had since her youth. The “Big” came into play as Kitty started her career as a rapper. She felt that there were too many “lil’s” and “Young”, so she wanted to be BIG! Click play on the music video and be on the lookout for more Big Kitty.

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