C.Shreve the Professor delivers his “Dogfight” visual

Chris Shreve’s introduction to many of his fans came via Summer Ransom, his 2014 album that helped cement his place in North Carolina hip hop. Seven official music videos were released during the album rollout, but there was always one glaring omission. The song “Dogfight” was the last track recorded for the album and has always been one of Shreve’s favorites to perform. As a thank you to the fans and an homage to the album, the Professor decided to film something proper for the song. Being 2020 and all, things are a little more limited, but this one is special.

Production here is from French producer ROMAINNN and the videography is by Vermont based emcee/producer Jarv.

Shreve is currently putting the final touches on “ILE.PRO” (his collaborative album with UK producer Ile Flottante) and will be releasing it this fall. Listeners can expect the first single in the next couple weeks.

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