Texas Producer & Rapper Number3Ok Drops The New Project “3:33” | @Number3ok

Exploring the versatile Texas music scene, it’s safe to say that dancing is synonymous with the groove that each city carries in The Lone Star state. Most would say that Dallas is the “Jigg Capital”, but it seems as if Houston is serving as a hub for the innovators of the modern Dougie inspired sound. Artist/producer Number3ok serves as one of the architects to help expand that vision in H-Town.

The key guy behind the boards along with being effective on the mic, Number3ok has established a unique lane for himself. As he favors the anthem-like sound in his material, he also makes sure to slide witty wordplay + contagious groove in his hit-making catalog. You can find this clearly on his new body of work, “3:33”, which is an essential party playlist from start to finish. The fully self-produced effort makes the special experience of 3:33 an addicting ride of hit singles but an appreciation of how forward-thinking Texas music is becoming. As the state continues to push boundaries, look for Number3ok to be one of key players in its evolution.

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