Texas’ Village Hate Society brings their new visual for “Crash Dummies”

Emerging South Texas Hip Hop group Village Hate Society (VHS) is set to drop their newest single “Crash Dummies.” Comprised of Jorge, Thadd, Franklin, and Renzo, VHS continues to impress with their outstanding musical range and group synergy.

VHS’ early 2020 single Cuckoo received much recognition. Hype Off Life stated, “VHS continues to push the boundaries with new sonics and production stylings.” With their latest effort “Crash Dummies,” the group promises a banger like no other in their catalog, “We built this track and its video from the ground up to be one of our best bangers to date. Like we do with every new track, we wanted to hit a different sound and style than we have done before, and we achieved that entirely ourselves. This is a trunk-knocker, make sure to turn it up loud in the car for the full experience.”

VHS’ “Crash Dummies” is out now with tastemaker Americano Label!

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