Middle Part Alt Pop Grunge Banger “Busy”

Brooklyn-based artist Middle Part creates grunge pop with gritty undertones. His third single this year is entitled “Busy” and is all about the importance of emotional connection especially in close friendships and relationships. The artist confides, “Busy touches on that theme of letting go of your ego and being more vulnerable with people around you”. When the world seems out of control and time is fleeting, Middle Part reminds us what is really important, sincerity and letting go of our own ego to become a better person.

Middle Part creates lo-fi indie pop with purpose. His forthcoming EP I Wish I Was Alive features a collection of songs detailing loss, coming of age, healing from mental illness and becoming more self aware. Sonically, Middle Part is able to craft songs that sound new but still nostalgic, commercial yet edgy. With cosmic synth-infused soundscapes, layered melodies and crunchy guitars, Middle Part takes us all on a journey of sound we need.

Take a listen to “Busy” now and share it with your friends.

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