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District 21 Returns With Lighthearted ‘Don’t Mind’ Single

Rising West Coast artist District 21 is letting his guard down on his latest single “Don’t Mind.”

Equipped with production from Timbaland protégé Camden Bench, “Don’t Mind” allows District 21 to ping back-and-fourth between the smooth cadences of his tongue-in-cheek hook and affectionately rhythmic verses throughout the record, as he raps about ‘blind love’.

“‘Don’t Mind’ is basically a song about being blindly in love,” District 21 said. “It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing sometimes because you might overlook some of the shit you should be paying attention to. But it’s just that feeling is something new so you ‘don’t mind’ whatever it is.”

The Calabasas native has managed to maintain sustain momentum since his debut No Static mixtape in 2018, which featured his Mustard-produced single “Hardly.” His recent bop “July” was also featured on Lyrical Lemonade.

Stream “Don’t Mind” below.

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