The Urban Renewal Project “Will To Survive” featuring Vic Mensa

The Urban Renewal Project has teamed up with Vic Mensa to release a special sonic treat for Record Store Day. Entitled “Will To Survive”, the hard hitting track takes influence from the pandemic. Band leader R.W. Enoch confides, “We drew a lot of inspiration from the fact that we’ve been in survival mode for the past year, just trying to make it through everything in one piece, and that sentiment tied together really nicely with the themes I found myself exploring with these historical military instruments.” Featuring jazz soundscapes under flowing rhymes, “Will To Survive” is a slice of refreshing fusion.

The “Will To Survive” vinyl is set for exclusive release on Record Store Day June 12th. The vinyl is packaged with a 20-page manga from the acclaimed SaturdayAM and follows the journey of a “ragtag band of soldiers in the Roman frontier”. The vinyl also includes a B-side of a laid back instrumental track, perfect for that summer day by the pool. Check out the new video from The Urban Renewal Project and run to your local record store to purchase your copy.

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