Elliot Lee sends a powerful message in “Queen of Nothing”

Brooklyn-based dark pop artist Elliot Lee has released their new single and visuals for “Queen of Nothing.”

As a chapter in a wider narrative found in the artist’s EP Queen of Nothing, which explores the concept of “Queendom,” their latest single “Queen of Nothing” showcases the anguish and depression that follows a tumbling success story.  Elliot Lee tells the story of a queen whose tyranny and toxicity ultimately backfires and leads to destruction. 

The song itself is layered with raw and addictive lyricism, illuminated vocals, and flashy modes of thrash pop while Elliot faces the deep, dark truth. From beginning to end, the track doesn’t lose intensity but continues to send the listener spiraling into the rollercoaster of emotions felt by the defeated queen. 

Elliot Lee is an artist that blends dark pop, thrash rock, and punk to create a unique sound, which sizzles with intensity, originality, and hard truths. Elliot’s music has amassed millions of streams, making the artist an emerging talent with true staying power. 

Check out Elliot Lee’s new single and video for “Queen of Nothing” here and remember not to let constructive criticism lead to your own demise. 

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