Dialect – The Sandz of Time | Instrumental Album @dialectmusic 

California bred, multitalented artist Dialect presents his instrumental album “The Sandz of Time”.

The 32 track-heavy project is comprised of sample chops and flips from a wide range of genres and eras.
Split into two volumes, “The Sandz of Time” is an instrumental journey into the mind of Dialect.

The music producer, lyricist, songwriter and DJ (amongst other things) has been making music for over two decades, having been introduced to an environment of professional musicians at the age of 3.
At 18, Dialect first started experimenting with making music through DJing and producing.
With such an early start in the game, he was well on his way to becoming an established fixture in his local music scene of Indio, best known for the Coachella Festival, as well as leaving a mark on LA, where he attended the Los Angeles Recording School.

On “The Sandz of Time”, Dialect returns to the basis of his appreciation for music, and shines as a beatmaker throughout the entire album.

“The Sandz of Time” was released on Vinyl, digitally, and is streaming on all platforms. Check it out below.



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