Cymarshall Law – The Normal New (Growing Up in the Pandemic) | Video @Cymarshalllaw

Cymarshall Law releases the video for “The Normal New (Growing Up in the Pandemic)” off his recently released album “I Still Love H.E.R.”

I wrote this song because over the course of the last year, I saw all the adults being stressed out and being asked how they feel.
We were all concerned about everything, but I hadn’t seen anyone interview the children, to see how they feel. The impact this Pandemic will have on our children, we will not see for years. However, having 4 children of my own, ages 20, 15, 14 & 3, I’m getting to see how children of all ages and sexes are affected right now. To get the clearest perspective, I interviewed my own children on how they have been coping during the Pandemic, and then I wrote a song about it from the perspective of a child. However, this one is for everyone. Peace and Love.” – Cymarshall Law

Check out the video and grab your copy of the album and book below.


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