Glass Dove’s New Album Half-Life Wilderness is reflective of the times

Nashville based indie rock artist Glass Dove just released his new album entitled Half-Life Wilderness. The synth heavy album is a vibrant and introspective collection of songs that narrate the ups and downs felt in toxic relationships, while simultaneously connecting those feelings with the chaos of the pandemic. The songs have a similar thread,” confides Glass Dove. “Thematically, they’re about a lot of dysfunctionality in relationships. They were written before 2020, but a lot of it was strangely tied to how the country felt throughout the last year. I initially wrote some very specific autobiographical things, but most of the concepts took on a new meaning—like they were right for the time. How did we come to this Half Life Wilderness?”

In the album’s first track, “Just a Conversation,” Glass Dove reflects on the shattering lows in romantic relationships, where the fighting and bickering won’t stop. Featuring honest lyricism and a grunge infused melody, the song is as relatable as it is thought provoking.

In “Hollywood Goldmine,” Glass Dove takes a stand with other artists who don’t get paid enough in the music industry. “I wrote this song to address the exploitative objectification that artists face in an industry that demands years of sacrifice, only to often find no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” confides Glass Dove. Heavy lyricism and gloomy undertones flow over this indie pop song, accentuating it’s potent and timely message.

Glass Dove is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who creates genre-blending music with a pure heart and soul. His latest album Half-Life Wilderness was produced alongside Owen Biddle who is best known for his work with acclaimed artists such as The Roots and John Legend.

Take a listen to Half-Life Wilderness as it takes you down a journey of truth and self-realization.

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