MariBased1 Is Becoming A Mainstay On BET Airwaves.

For MariBased1, the Seattle-based lyricist he got his first taste of what it’s like to appear on BET Jams as an independent artist in 2019.

Since then he has managed to secure multiple premieres on the platform, including his recent “Xuicide (Do Or Die)” visual.

“’Xuicide (Do or Die)’ is actually my 5th song/video to be aired on BETjams in the last 2 years,” Maribased1 revealed.

“Starting with my other 2 songs ‘Bouncin’ and ‘Score’n’ in 2019 and my other two songs ‘Mystery Girl’ & ‘Thee End.’ in 2020. So for my 5th video to air, and I’m on an independent level, it felt amazing!! And that Mile stone alone, not everybody has accomplished that soo it felt good. I’m living proof anything is possible.”

Along with the release of “Xuicide (Do Or Die)” MariBased1 has been dropping music at an impressive rate in 2021 and most recently delivered his “48 Ratchet” single featuring Houston artist BeatKing ahead of his upcoming 48Oz album.

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