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Music: YBW Goldi3 – “Remain Humble” 

Nico "Goldi3" grew up in Downtown Buffalo, New York. Goldi3 was in the streets most of his life, but fell in love with his music at about 16 years old. He is 28 now and has worked constantly to master his craft through all his trials and tribulations over the years. After years of turbulence,… Continue reading Music: YBW Goldi3 – “Remain Humble” 


Elajah Mouhammed – “The Curious Die Young” (EP)

Elajah Mouhammed's latest release comes in the form of a 6-track EP titled "The Curious Die Young." The project is about spending your final days in adolescence with your friends before having to grow up, sort of like that last summer you have before you go off to college. While majority of the EP's vibe… Continue reading Elajah Mouhammed – “The Curious Die Young” (EP)


[NEW MUSIC] Now Born – “Valedictorian – The Mixtape” | @WLPublishing

Now Born releases his latest 45 song project "Valedictorian - The Mixtape" Now Born is not your typical rapper. No other rapper has put out a piece of work, recorded, and released while still in prison-like this one. Not only does "Valedictorian- the Mixtape" have 45 songs, but the lyrics are top-tier and the beats are… Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] Now Born – “Valedictorian – The Mixtape” | @WLPublishing


New Music: Calico Jonez – The World Is Ours (Album Stream) | @Calico_Jonez

Music artist, entrepreneur and SAG actor Calico Jonez releases the exclusive soundtrack ‘The World Is Ours’ for the brand new hit Starz show ‘BMF’ starring 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and more. The 13-track project features Gucci Mane, Big Meech, Calico Jonez, Baby Rio, BMF Baby, Lil Meech, and more.


New Music: Thoweda Rosas – “Trip & Trap” (Album Stream) | @ThowedaRosas

"Trip & Trap" is the brand new album to come from Texas rapper Thoweda Rosas. Inspired by the reality of growing up on the streets, "Trip & Trap" also sees Thoweda Rosas opening up his mind to the endless possibilities of life as he broadens his outlook past the streets. Recorded in the music capital… Continue reading New Music: Thoweda Rosas – “Trip & Trap” (Album Stream) | @ThowedaRosas


“Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise” (Album)

"Representing The Bay Area, a region known for its unique style, culture, & music, Oakland Spoilers, a small label founded in the heart of the west-coast wrap up their summer flexing an all-new roster on "Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise". "Showcasing the west coast's trademark swagger, warm swing, and rhythmic guitar, this camp returns to… Continue reading “Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise” (Album)


Winston-Salem’s Kw.Y.IT let’s go of his album “SowLo”

Winston-Salem, North Carolina artist Kw.Y.IT drops off his new album entitled "SowLo". "SowLo" is a seven track album led by the records entitled “Ciñenmen”, “LiefNeverLastEnd” and "EnTRO". The album is about life’s journey and how it processes all aspects from manhood, desire, relationships, faith and growing up. "The point is that I've learned about love… Continue reading Winston-Salem’s Kw.Y.IT let’s go of his album “SowLo”


Trendsetta drops his highly anticipated album “Hit After Hit”

Las Vegas artist and Taste-maker release’s highly anticipated album “Hit After Hit” after almost waiting a full year to drop. Trendsetta gives us another masterpiece project for us with features from R&B phenom TeeFLii, Ky3, Bay Area’s finest Show Banga and more. After recently dropping “Real One” and “Westcoast Party” lately with a mixture of… Continue reading Trendsetta drops his highly anticipated album “Hit After Hit”


LTtheMonk comes from London with his “On The Wall” LP

Hamilton-based, London (UK) born and bred rapper LTtheMonk releases his highly anticipated new album On The Wall on Canadian indie powerhouse label Sonic Unyon Records (Hayden, Sloan). On The Wall is a concept album that references filmmaker Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing and the late iconic singer Michael Jackson's Off The Wall, his favorite… Continue reading LTtheMonk comes from London with his “On The Wall” LP