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Kenrick Lamar gets the cover of Mass Appeal



The first words heard on the album are a sample that says Every N*gger Is A Star.Why did you choose to open with that?

It represents how I felt when I first got signed. That’s the first initial state—you get money, you feel like this. But overall, in general it represents those without money of my color that’s rich in spirit. You don’t need dollars to feel like you have a place in the world.

You obviously care a lot about the black community and young people in general. It seemed like you were offended that some people took the Billboard article the wrong way and accused you of responsibility politics. [Kendrick was quoted as saying: What happened to {Michael Brown} should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us?] Do you think the point you were trying to make was simplified and the meaning was lost?

I think I’ve said everything I need to say. How I look at it…the world is just built off negativity, man. Somebody will say something negative before they say something positive. So, I look at it as that. And for those who spoke negative [about me], hopefully they can understand and know where I come from and know my background and my history, and retract them statements, which I’m sure most of them have done already.

The full interview is located here.

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