Tony Sunshine – Private Party

If you’re familiar with Terror Squad then Tony Sunshine may be a name that you’re also familiar with. The Bronx MC was taken under the wing of Big Pun at age 13 and hasn’t looked back since. Today he comes by with a new mixtape No Filter. As a look into what to expect his single private party is available for stream. In regards to the record here is what he had to say:

“The song is a fun joint, I wanted to have a song that was a club record that people can dance to and have a good time. I listen to a lot of Prince and Michael Jackson so they were huge inspirations behind it. The melody and mention of “I Wonder If I Take You Home” was taken by Lisa Lisa and I’m happy she allowed me to use it. She actually wanted to be apart of the record but her schedule was a little jam packed..” – Tony Sunshine

Below the track list for the complete mixtape which has features including Fred Da Godson and Swizz Beatz. It  can be streamed in its entirety over on datpiff.


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