First Day Feature: Streak DE$PERADO talks upcoming music, influences and more

There is something to be said about an artist who excels at production as well as being a performer. Even at such an early stage in his career Streak DE$PERADO is on has shown promise in both areas. With production credits for KR, Raider Klan, and SODMG among several others he also has gained traction with an assortment of his own music. With an obvious eye on the tastemakers who are currently shaping the sound of hits today we wanted to take some time to find out what makes the 18 year old upstart tick. Head below for a complete conversation with him and get familiar with his style.

For those who are getting their introduction tell us a bit about your background?

Let me just say thanks for taking the time do this interview with me, means a lot man, forreal. I’m Streak DE$PERADO from Maryland. I’m a Rapper and Music Producer. I started making beats when I was 14. Roughly 2 years but I was on and off with it because I wasn’t confident in myself. I just started taking it serious literally like a couple months ago.

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is trying to make it out the city I’m in and move the fuck away from here. Stay lowkey from everyone. Watching my favorite artists make dope music really inspires me to do better and make quality music.

What is your favorite album of all time and why?

Damn, of ALL time..shit, that’s hard. I can’t just choose one. I would say my top 5 albums are Take Care, The Trilogy from The Weeknd, My Name Is My Name, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Rodeo and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m not really listening old school rap honestly.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

My biggest inspirations are Travi$ Scott, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd and Kanye. Drake because he was the only artist that you can actually FEEL the lyrics when he rap them. Like they hit a certain level in your mind when you listen to by Drake, it’s constantly a hit. PARTYNEXTDOOR because his style is so ill, I feel like I have a little PND in me. (Same with) Travi$ Scott, you can hear it in my music heavy. The Weeknd before he was public, like he was really lowkey. He wasn’t always seen but he was everywhere if that makes sense.

Describe the mood you set in the studio?

Damn, see. My mood is really chill. I’m usually in the studios with my homies from Delaware. When I’m in the studio with them I’m usually smoking. When I’m smoking I don’t talk, I just look around. I just listen and vibe. It’s all good vibes though. Everything arounds me effects my mood, I’m a very private person. I prefer being in the studio by myself, I feel like it’s better. I don’t want to wait and see what the homies think sometimes. I just want to get my shit down. Being turnt in the studio is cool but I just like it to be dark vibes.

What was the project that made you wanna pursue rap?

Shit, it was no project. It was the homies at the highschool. My parents got a divorce and I moved to Delaware from New Jersey when I was 14. Back then everyone was starting to rap and I couldn’t even rap for shit. So I started making beats and I was nice with it. There was a point 60% of the rappers in that state hit me up for beats. (As far as taking it seriously) rapping wise my homie Ricky when I moved to Maryland and went to Elkton High he convinced me to start rapping and I did. He brought a $25 snowball mic and it started there. R.I.P to my bro Ricky, I miss him to death and I do it for him!

What’s on your playlist right now?

I listening to alot of chillwave and vibe music, which is the same. NO1Drug, NOVA, Lyfe Harris, PND and Johnny Rain what I been listening to alot.

What’s on the agenda for the next year?

To do as many shows as I can do in different states. I always wanted to go to different cities and visit people. I also want to peform at SXSW. I had the opportunity to last year but I had school.

Who inspires you the most? Outside of rap and musically?

Everything around me. Vibes inspires me and weed. Now when I say that I mean when I smoke weed and I’m by myself in the dark. I can feel the beat better and songs come out way better.

Rap is always evolving how do you plan to keep up with an ever changing genre?

That’s the thing I wouldn’t call myself a rapper, I’m an artist. I can make any genre music. I have an acoustic song on the tape.


Who do you feel is the most underrated artist of all time?

Damn, I feel as of right now Party, Kirk Knight, Lyfe Harris and Tyus.

What do you feel is the best song you ever wrote and why?

I feel like the best song I did is yet to come. I feel like every song I do I dislike it after awhile but a song of the tape called “Feel”. It’s dope and has samples with Kehlani and PND. It’s crazy.

How do you deal with any obstacles that may be in the way of you accomplishing your dreams?

I feel like if I knew what I know now I wouldve been on. I’ve gained so much know how in the past 2 years where it’s from the homies or the people who had a bigger buzz then me, it all helped me in some sort of way.

What is the concept behind your new tape? Like what’s the thought process behind it when you first started on it.

The concept behind the tape is from when my parents got divorced when I was 14 until right now at age 18. Every emotion I been through. I turn 19 in February and I feel like I’m NOWHERE near where I need to be. When I first started I wanted it to be dark and cloudy because that’s my style but I feel like it’s an all around project so people from different genres can mess with it. The production on it is amazing.

What sound is to be expected from the mixtape?

If you listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR, Bryson Tiller, Travi$ Scott, Drake, you’ll hear stuff like that. I’m not saying I’m biting because that’s never been the goal. I created a sound that I’m happy with, that I think is dope to me. There were times I didn’t want to make music because I couldn’t find my own sound.

What is the ultimate goal you have as far as the project’s reach and sound?

As far as goals for this projects I’m just tryna get all my favorite blogs to post and for people to take me serious as a ARTIST not a RAPPER. I don’t RAP. I’m an ARTIST. People get that confused, especially in the city I live in.

Are their any collaborations to look forward to on the project?

Most the tape is just me. I got my homies Ken Masters and IBri on it and they’re from Delaware. Other people were suppose to be on it but I’m saving those features for later down the road. I don’t wanna drop my first tape (which is like your introduction to the game) and flood with my features.

What role does family play in your career?

Honestly, as crazy it sounds they don’t play anything. The only person that kinda knows I make beats in my mom. It’s just me and her. The rest of my family I don’t talk to. Like my sisters kinda know but nobody knows I rap and how big my buzz is. I don’t really tell them anything, I’m private. I’m not the type to go to them and be like “hey check this out!”, they’ll find out eventually tho.

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