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I met Kanye West I’m never going to fail: A brief conversation about Kanye being a hater, Chance The Rapper’s future and more.

Kel (@runKELdat): (Drops off link to the alternate version of Wolves) Merry Christmas fellas.

Beamon (@BeamonDidIt): Different version?

Kel: The true O.G. version. A.K.A. the only version that should exist. Frank is on the intro here.

Beamon: Yeah lemme grab that right quick.

Tauran (@TheKidMowgli): HOW DID THAT NOT MAKE THE FINAL CUT?!? Kanye a hater.. same reason why he called Andre 3000 in just say 2 words and loop it.

Kel: He has to be still working on the album. Right? Like what the fuck is really going on here?

Tauran: If so that would be the biggest fuck you to Tidal right? “Here you can have the rough draft”. I mean their subscriptions did skyrocket though.

Kel: They skyrocket temporarily though that’s a terrible business model. You’re not retaining anyone and a lot of these people use the free trial and then cancel shortly after. Tidal would have the original rights but without the option to buy you might as well drop this shit off on soundcloud. People just go around the Tidal option.

Tauran: True. That’s what ppl did with Apple Music.

Kel: The Tidal exclusive will never happen. Even when Beyoncé drops the release will mirror Rihanna’s. It’ll be on there originally, then it’ll be sold at some point in time and uploaded to Apple Music.

Tauran: I concur.

Kel: At least Apple Music gave us three months to figure it out and the interface is better. They use fewer gimmicks and focus on the product but I get it they can do that because they are established. Most of the Tidal rollout has been clunky and it doesn’t create a real need. The main selling point was to help put more money in the artist’s pockets. In the end I guess Tidal still has their big joker in Beyoncé so they are in a descent position.

Beamon: Back to Kanye and Wolves though. Kel I blame you for Vic Mensa being cut out.

Kel: Vic had to die so that Chance could live. Kanye only puts on one Chicago rapper at a time. Those are the rules.

Tauran: Case and point. Kanye a hater.

Beamon: Now that you mention it you’re right. Kanye really should’ve been working with Chance years ago though. He couldn’t have heard acid rap til recently.

Kel: It makes sense. Ultra Light Beam is an extension of Good Ass Intro and Surf.

Beamon: That boy could really make a great gospel album easily if he wanted.

Kel: That’s honestly what I’m expecting from him next. He’s been leaning more on spirituality and hope after Acid Rap. Something to blur the lines that we’ve never heard before. Ultra Light Beams is the litmus test.

How long before Chance is finally announced as a member of GOOD? It’s inevitable just like that inevitable John Legend/Chance collaboration. Better yet, where the hell is John Legend? A Kanye gospel album should have had his handprints all on it.

Beamon: Chance seems to love that independent route I kind of want him to stay there he is paving a way in a sense.

Tauran: Agreed. He’s already said that all of his music will be put out for free.

Kel: Niggas be lying. Plus Chance wants Grammy’s. That can’t happen independently and he already has music for sell on iTunes. Getting signed isn’t the worst thing to me, look at our favorites. I don’t think we have one that put out their best work before they got signed. There are additional resources and new avenues for artists that would be difficult otherwise.

17th of all the hotter you are as a free agent the more creative control you get. That’s what them niggas really mean when they say they don’t want to be signed. They want creative control to stay in tact. Kanye would provide that. Chance is probably the hottest free agent since Drake. Somebody is gonna make him an insane creative deal. Universal was fronting Drake’s bills long before he signed. They were the ones who distributed Best I Ever Had and all that.

Tauran: But Chance doesn’t want to be Drake. Seems to me he could care less awards and accolades. He’s more concerned about changing the world’s perception of Chicago. And this is him giving the annotation a cosign:

Kel: I’m not saying he wants to be Drake. I’m saying he’s gonna get a deal and it’s gonna be one that will benefit him in the long run. You can be signed and do well. If he wants to be anyone, I think he wants to be more like Kendrick. That’s the business model for him. I said that about Drake to say someone was already financially supporting him…Well actually face ass.

Beamon: I get all that you’re saying but someone has to set up the change. Why not Chance? He’s already accomplished more than just about any unsigned rapper ever. People don’t get Grammy’s unsigned because no one worthy remains unsigned. The pattern doesn’t change unless someone forces it to.

Kel: They recognize sales mostly at the Grammy’s I don’t see Chance changing that. Part of that is the reason Kendrick lost album of the year this year and lost that year to Macklemore. The sales aspect is huge. Its recognition from fans. The people on the committee are record execs. They aren’t changing that anytime soon. The artistry is secondary to them.

Beamon: How do I say this….Chance might be “old white person friendly” enough to change that. Once again I feel you but it’s like you’re saying it’s impossible. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it can’t. Regardless even without a Grammy he can set precedence for the lack of a label.

Kel: White people have been independent and snubbed too though it’s not a new concept. It’s just new to rap. Rap independents mostly have samples so you can’t get clearance to sell but this has been something for a while. Flying Lotus is one huge name that goes unknown by the committee. Indie rock is the category I’m referring to mostly. That’s the catalyst for groups like Alabama Shakes even getting signed.

On another note…..uhhhh I know I’m late guys but who is this fake ass Future on Ye’s album and why didn’t Metro shoot him?

Beamon: Desiigner. His song is Panda, 18 year old from Brooklyn, signed to G.O.O.D.. Thats literally all I could find out via Google.

Kel: RC Cola Future gotta chill.

Beamon: Great Value Future…that song does jam though.

Kel: If I know one thing from superhero origin stories it’s that once you get established a similar person to you will come to antagonize the world. Future must neutralize the threat in order to become the hero the world needs.

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