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First Day Feature: K-Viv talks “Nan Nother Love Song”, upbringing and more

In the culture of music and entertainment it certainly helps to be as diverse with your skill set as possible. As seen in examples like Will Smith or Jamie Foxx, when you have the rare blend of marketable components your legacy solidifies in a more indisputable manner. Kendrick Vivians of Moss Point, MS is certainly someone who fits the bill being described. As a man who has worn the hat of comedian, teacher, coach, actor, stage-play writer, and much more K-Viv possesses endless skill but is looking to focus on one dream he has never been able to let die, music.

The credit for K-Viv’s humble beginnings in music can be traced to his third grade teacher, who encouraged him to pursue the field after noticing he had a “standout” voice. Kendrick followed suit and has managed to maintain his interest sonically through various gospel and R&B groups throughout the years. Though seasoned musically, he also comes from the perspective of a new artist as he begins to launch his solo career as a Southern Soul singer. When asked what gave him the confidence to step out on his own, Kendrick proudly mentioned winning a karaoke contest at a coaches conference for the third straight year as the catalyst for a comeback. Not the usual story, but it goes to show the character of the Mississippian even in this early stage of his solo career.

Since getting back to Soul, a genre in which Kendrick states is the most personal to him, things have been looking bright fairly quickly. I was told that the music seems to write itself as he works these days and on his debut single it is quite clear that’s the case. Titled “Nan Nother Love Song”, the single is a heartfelt and passionate record that could only be written by the man himself. The perspective from which he speaks draws you into his world and makes you feel his pain. To put it simply, you won’t want to listen to another love song after hearing K-Viv bear his soul.

As the record continues to pick up steam, more opportunities have arisen for Kendrick. From performances alongside Soul legend Willie Clayton to internet coverage from countless sites, the world seems to be taking a serious liking to K-Viv The Headliner. As he continues to ascend we thought it would be a great time to become more acquainted with “Mr. Nan Nother” himself for a brief interview. We ended up discussing his upbringing, the upcoming show, his plans for the future and a lot more. I was able to learn a lot about how he operates and hopefully everyone else will be too.

For those who are new to you tell us more about yourself and your background to date.

Kendrick Vivians. Mississippi born and raised. I’m an educated brother from Moss Point with a degree from Mississippi State (with a 2 year stop at Rust College). I’ve done everything in entertainment except strip! In music, I’ve done every genre. Now I’m tackling Southern Soul.

What’s it like growing up in Moss Point for someone who has never been?

It was awesome. Just like where I am now but without the university. Small town where everybody knew everybody or knew someone that knew that somebody! A lot of love down there. I have 5 successful siblings that came out of that lil place.

Coming from Mississippi it’s fair to say the outlets for getting your music out can be more fewer than some others. How do you overcome that obstacle?

Keep pushing. Get your music past the state lines. One day Mississippi will be the outlet. The movie industry has figured it out, sports are figuring it out, and before long music will see too!

You’re a man of many talents. Musically, athletically and as an entertainer you’ve found ways to excel. What motivates you to be so willing to dabble in different outlets like that?

It’s a blessing and a curse. I feel I can do ANYTHING. I want to do EVERYTHING. I haven’t been able to focus on one thing and be the absolute best. I’m confident in my gifts and with that confidence comes courage!

As far as your music career I understand you’ve been a part of several groups in the past, how has the shift been different as you look to build up your portfolio as a solo act?

The main difference is it’s my show. I put the whole show together with tips from the band. With that being said its my name on the flyer, CD or marquee, so if it crashes and burns it’s ME. If it succeeds it’s US. Kind of like going from an assistant coach to a head coach.

The most recent group you took part in was Deez Notes, are you all still active?

Yes. Follow us on facebook. It’s a different groove than K-Viv. We pride ourselves on singing whatever you pay for. K-Viv will do that too, but that’s not my focus. I’m a southern soul solo artist.

What led you to create a song like Nan Nother Love Song?

Past relationships.

Was it inspired by someone in particular?

Multiple people. Also, by seeing my homie go through the same stuff. It’s like the songs are directed right at you. You live and you love…you love and you lose.

Well you’ve made it clear that you don’t want to hear any love songs but I’m curious to know what else you may be listening to these days?

You should see my phone. I have everything from Garth Brooks to UGK! I just love what sounds good and people with talent!!!!

You just had a performance alongside soul legend Willie Clayton which is a huge milestone for you. What more can you tell us about that?

I’m new to the game, so this was a who you know type deal. My cousin E4 runs Club Exklusive over in Louisville, MS. He put on the show on. Right before he put out the flyer, I dropped my single. He heard it and put me on.

How do you feel your background as a comedian and entertainer helps your live show now?

It’s all in there. That’s why I get paid for the live show. I am blessed to be a good singer, but the energy I bring to a party is incomparable.

What would you consider to be the greatest advice you’ve ever received pertaining to music?

Stay within yourself. Don’t try to do stuff you can’t. You have your style, don’t try to be someone else.

More than anything what do you want to be felt by the listener when your music is played?

It’s real. Not just words on a track. Even if it’s about a bad past it’s empowering cause we push pass the past. Last, of course is…THAT BOY CAN SANG!!!!

Speaking of “sanging” you’re kind of notorious for calling out singers who can’t sing. That being said if you could collaborate with anyone who is currently making music who would it be and why?

Two unknown guys. One is Vivo (Carlton Vivians), my brother. Best singer I know, hands down. He currently performs with Party ATL (at the limit) Band in Atlanta, GA. Go follow them on facebook. The other is Mr. Rogers (Formerly rap star J Money). He’s up and coming in this game and that’s my boy.

Someone that’s out there…probably T.K. Soul. We have two different sounds. Lacee. She sings Juicy Lips. She’s good and she hot right now. I love Dave Hollister but I pattern myself after him. I’m definitely NOT him though, so I wouldn’t want to be on the same track, LoLoLoL.

If you could pick someone who has passed who would it be?

Sam Cooke, Tyrone Davis (grew up off this cat), ZZ Hill, Aaliyah.

In terms of new music when can the fans expect to hear more from K Viv?

After “Nan Nother Love Song” gets legs and starts running. I have tracks on deck and I’m ready to go.

Aside from the upcoming music what other ventures should we be looking out for?

I’ve stopped it all, bro. Focused on this music thing. I still accept hosting, comedy, and other gigs. As far as me pushing something, it’s this K-Viv project.

What would would you like your lasting legacy to be when it’s all said and done?

He was a talented and humble dude. People that don’t know me think I’m arrogant. I guess they want me to walk around with my chin in my chest. You can be humble and confident at the same time. I also want them to say he made classics.

Is there anything else you would like to say before we conclude?

Follow me on instagram and facebook. K-Viv the Headliner. Youtube my debut single and share it with your friends. Get it while it’s free, LoL!!!! I love all of ya’ll.

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