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Foreign – “Get This Money”

Twenty Five Nation frontman, For€Ign, hailing from Houston’s Stude Wood area, is back again with the visual for his quickly rising song “Get This Money.”

The song, “Get This Money,” is the latest single from the For€Ign EP that released this Spring.

Currently the song is getting positive feedback on radio, earning spins in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport, Biloxi, Jackson, Augusta and New Orleans, while the list keeps on growing daily.

“Some people told me it reminded me of some of their favorite artists. So I’ve gotten more love than I ever imagined,” For€Ign said. “The world is my fan base, I never wanted to be directly for the hood, that’s why I travel wherever the wind blows. I want to touch all of the people,”

It’s a club-ready track produced by Ralphael that works especially well with trap fans as For€Ign recounts how he started from the bottom to become a success, but the video has a deeper meaning.

“The song is for people that are like-minded coming from the projects that realize that it’s not where you want to be. A lot of people have related in the message in the song,” For€Ign explained. “Chill put together the video, he was a producer for Beyoncé and a bunch of other artists in Houston, but basically the feds are watching me in the video and they are trying to figure out how I’m making the money but I keep doing my thing.”

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