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First Day Feature: Byron Ford discusses the “Singer Bars” project and more

Versatility is a quality that is very important to the soundscape of music in 2016. When you look at the vast majority of new artists coming on the scene they have showcased a certain factor of being multi-dimensional with their skills. From PartyNextDoor, to Frank Ocean, to Bryson Tiller, there are countless musicians blurring the lines of rap and singing. Insert Byron Ford, the Alabama native who is looking to place his name alongside the greats of today who are singing with a hip-hop twist.

The current Alabama University student is prepping for the release of his aptly titled “Singer Bars” project as we speak. Slated for a November 22nd release, it will showcase both his melodic strengths and skills as an MC. Before the project arrives we at 1DF were granted the chance to speak with Byron about his past, the upcoming mixtape, and much more. Check out our Q&A session below.


For anyone new to you who is Byron Ford?

I am just a cool, young boy who enjoys music and singing. I enjoy being with family, my whole family including cousins and etc. I went to Smiths Station High School and I enjoy seeing people prosper. My life is great. I’m living for Jesus and I’m a real Christian.

Christianity is a lifestyle and I live my life accordingly. Being that I’m young and everything people may think I do any and everything but I have to live a certain way. With that being said people may also think I’m some boring person and I don’t have fun, and that is definitely false lol. I can assure everyone that I have fun everyday and I laugh like all the time.

How did you get your start doing music? Was it something you expected to be taking so serious when you were younger?

I’ve always enjoyed music and have always been interested in it. When I was younger I would write songs all the time. Fifth grade is when I really started writing. I had a group of friends and we would just write. I would always sing or put my twist on songs, these songs that I was writing were actually rap songs but I would end up singing them. Once I started actually writing I knew music was something that actually wanted to do. When I was real young I would sing songs that came on the radio and songs on my MP3 player. I knew I was singing but I wasn’t really thinking about it like that.

You currently attend University of Alabama. Now being that I went to a rival SEC school in Mississippi State I’m not too happy about that lol. How does college affect what you do musically?

Lol yeah, Roll Tide too but it doesn’t really affect the way I do it. I might put someone on a song or something, and sometimes it may be a little different in the studio but other than that nothing major.

Have you found it easier to build your base with such a large student body at your disposal?

Yeah it’s definitely easy, one person can look you up on iTunes or any other music outlet and then it just spreads to everyone else. Everybody starts asking to come to the studio too lol. I do like to work with other people though depending on the situation.

If you could describe your music for someone who has never heard it what would you say?

I would say I’m so R&B, and there’s a whole lot of coolness in me haha. But my music can be me singing things in different ways, I can write a rap song but sing it so it’ll sound different from real rap, yeah it’s just a lot of coolness going on with my music.

Who are your biggest influence in music and outside of music?

I enjoy various types of music so anyone doing music really because I just enjoy the creativity and the sound. Outside of music can be anybody I know really, I might write a song about anybody.

Your Singer Bars project is set to come November 22nd. What can you tell us about what your goal was when you started creating the album?

I really had no idea that Singer Bars was even going to be a thing. I had some little rap songs I did and I was trying to figure out when to release one of them. Everyone knows that I’m on God’s timing so I was waiting to find out when I needed to release one of them and he was just like release a whole project. As soon as I heard that you know I was all for it cause whatever he says is good every time. Like I said though I had the rap song I was going to put out just show my versatility. So I’m like I’m a singer but I need you to understand that I have bars too, so I’m going to name the project Singer Bars. After we deciding we were doing that I went in and recorded some more songs.

What do you think is going to be the most noticeable thing about the music on the project?

My versatility and my enjoyment of music. Singing is my passion but everyone will notice my appreciation for music. Everyone will be able to hear how I’m just having fun with it, I have fun in the studio.

Who all helped with the creation of “Singer Bars”?

Oh yeah you know I like to work with my people. My daddy JF3 helped and he also helped me with my first single. Also my uncle Mike Dixon, he helps me out a lot. Jerell (King Rell), Belin (Belin On The Beat), Dee, and KevOG also helped, they are all on the project.

After the project arrives what are some of your plans? Could there be some performances in the works?

I’m making more music. Christmas is coming up and I want to put out a Christmas single which I will more than likely write with my dad. I’m just going to keep making music. There definitely could be performances, and there are other big things in the works. I’ll just continue to let the Lord guide me and lead me because everything is going well.

What is your biggest goal for the year 2017 as we approaches it’s start?

Make more and more music and keep everyone involved. Each year I’ve seemed to gain something and every time I release something I feel more accomplished. I know that’s God’s work.

What is the thing you want to improve on musically in the future?

There is always room to improve because I’m not perfect. I work on my voice like all the time because I like to sing everything and I want to improve my writing. Really just everything I want to get better and better at.

When your career is all said and done what would you like for your lasting legacy to be?

I want to impact people in a positive way and lead people to Jesus, there is something on Singer Bars about that too. I want everyone to realize that life is great and that at the end of the day we have already been given the victory.

Is there anything else you would like to share before we conclude?

Yes, everyone can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @iamByronnnn, also follow @YGKCoolness on both as well. Check out the website YoungGwallaKidz.bigcartel.com there is clothing available, right the coolness and YA$ shirts are available, coolness is a big brand and everyone should be with the coolness. You can also follow @Vincente_OG he’s apart of the brand and designed the YA$ shirts and also does a lot more. #COOLNESS

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