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Interview: Jasiel Ace speaks on his background, growing up in Moss Point and more

Jasiel Ace is a name that has been shouted quite a few times on 1DF to date. With impressive releases such as “Free” and “Ascended“, along with a bevy of videos, the artist has firmly placed himself among artists to watch in the state of Mississippi. The quality of his music lead us to seek out more information about what drives Jasiel as an artist and person.

What I came to find out is that, beyond the music, Jasiel Ace is simply a person that is here to influence and inspire. As the key component of the rising Remedy collective he has helped to form, Jasiel takes more of a mentoring role which he handles well. The extensive talent and knack for writing carries over from him to other members of the group including NeoSoooul, who we were also able to speak with in the clip.

Enlightenment is something that is needed especially in this day and age, and Jasiel makes sure everything he touches does just that. As Remedy begins to step things up as a collective for 2017, we are happy to help shine light on what is in store for Jasiel Ace, NeoSoooul and the rest of the team. View parts one and two of our interview now and look for more to come in the future.

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