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Exclusive: Quavius Black discusses “Twelve16” and more in first interview

I have always been one to stress the vast amount of talent lying within the borders of Mississippi. Historically known as the birthplace of America’s music, the Magnolia State has always produced an array of sounds at a high quality level. This trend continues to date with artists excelling in pop, rock, rap, blues and every other genre you can think of. When it comes to Hattiesburg’s Quavius Black, though the association goes closer to rap, he could easily fit into whatever genre he wants.

The self-proclaimed “sadboysclub” member channels his emotions in ways that are unmatched by many musically. His well-developed palette for music of all types shines greatly within his work creating for a style of rap that is far from what anyone can consider traditional. Not only behind the microphone, but as an engineer he bends sounds to make them fit what he wants. Sometimes it can be rebellious, sometimes mellow, but it is never boring.

The release of his “Twelve16” LP marked the end of a rollercoaster-style year for Kway. Heights in his career and a budding relationship with fellow talents D. Horton, Dev Maccc, Davante Liv3 and Josh Waters came with an equal amount of lows. In fact this particular project itself had to be held back in it’s release do to an incidental run in with the law resulting in a D.U.I.. It’s these peaks and valleys that shine greatly throughout the album’s sound and what makes the set so captivating.

Just before the project was released to the general public we at 1stDayFresh were blessed with the chance to speak with Quavius while in the midst of him putting the finishing touches on it. The conversation was informative as usual, but what stood out most was Quavius personality. He is the type of person who is a fighter, but more in the mental sense. His mind shines greatly from lessons learned throughout his life. It makes it evident that he will not stop until the dream he has of touching lives worldwide with his music becomes reality. I for one was assured that his talent and spirit will guide him to great places, watch the interview below and hopefully you will too.

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