Premier: Vitamin Cea makes official debut with “#CoppinCea”

They say there is nothing like the first impression, and as cliche as that may be it’s a true statement. That being said “Remedy” collective member Vitamin Cea comes out the gates swinging on her first official release with #CoppinCea. From the first second to the last you get the sense that though she is just breaking into the rap scene of Mississippi and abroad it won’t be long until Ms. Cea is a fixture in it.

The record comes in celebration of Vitamin Cea’s birthday, but it’s the listeners who ultimately receive the gifts here. The now 21-year old femcee unleashes a barrage of lyrical pleasantries with African chants and heavy bass as a backdrop. It’s one of those records you can tell was done in fun. You can feel the enjoyment as Cea pays homage to one of her idols in Rapsody, brags on her sweater collection and even leaves a message for Mr. Trump.

Cea shines on this and it acts as the perfect precursor to her debut LP “JoyFull Noise”. Be sure to give it a listen and “hashtag that you #CoppinCea” after you’re done. While you’re at be sure to wish the young lady a happy birthday via her Twitter or Instagram account.

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