Interview: Tiio-Etienne talks JIMW performance, “Everything I Needed” and more

Tiio-Etienne comes to the scene with a story that can be considered the personification of perserverance. A look at him today would show a rapper on the rise headed for great things. He has recently performed at his first festival, Jackson Indie Music Week, his last project “Everything I Needed” has been praised by plenty of outlets, and there is a show at SXSW on the horizon. To get to this point though Tiio had to endure his growing pains and learn from them.

Starting years back as Watts The Future, it took going through the depths and low points to reach today’s highs. “I had to take some time away from doing music and I just felt empty. That’s when I realized rap was everything I needed.” Rebranding himself as Tiio-Etienne, the sky now seems to be the limit for the Kansas City, Missouri native on the heels of his strongest year ever as a musician.

With all the things going on in his career we at 1DF sought out to speak with Tiio about where he is now and what it took to get there. We were able to learn a lot of great insight into how he ticks along with learning more about the music itself. The full audio from our conversation can be heard below.


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