Jasiel Ace examines America’s fears on “Phobos”

It’s no secret at all that America is in an interesting and divisive place currently. Among other things, Trump’s recent bans on traveling from and to certain areas have came across as an act of hate and shunning to many. Some would go as far to say it’s a blatant form of prejudice. I personally would agree with that sentiment and it appears so does Jasiel Ace.

On his new release “Phobos”, which is latin for fear, he examines the stigma simple things like wearing a hijab can place in the hearts of many. It’s a strong stance from an artist we here at 1DF have long endorsed. For the scathing record he uses Kanye’s “So Appalled” instrumental, a fine choice as much of the world is appalled at the way the Muslim culture and others are being treated currently. Ironically, as timely as the single may seem the bulk of it was written 4 years ago according to Ace himself.

To round out the song’s content Jasiel Ace uses a video that is equally unabashed with it’s message. Clips from the civil rights movement, and other race/culture related happenings act as the backdrop throughout. Consider this just another in a long line of impressive releases from Jasiel, but also one that appears to mark a change to a different side of his artistry than what we may be used to.



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