Dolla Black begins his “Black Fridays” campaign with heartfelt release “Almost Time”

Jackson, Mississippi’s Dolla Black holds a name that gets respect throughout his region. Years of grinding out sensible yet street tales have seen Dolla reach what many would call the top level of the indie heirachy in the state. 2016 saw things go to a different height for the MC as his single “All Day” was picked up for placement by ESPN’s hit series “First Take”. Instead of rushing back after the release and subsequent takeover that single caused, Dolla Black decided to take the slow approach in returning.

“I just wanted to take some time out to focus on the business side and perfect my plan of action so I can grow as an artist.” The time taken has come to an end as of today as Dolla Black steps back out with part one of his “Black Friday” series. Each week in February will be dedicated to his loyal fans with new music and other content ready for you to vibe to.

For week one Dolla releases “Almost Time”. This single is more of a heartfelt one, letting his heart lie on his sleeve to explain some of his inner battles. Over somber production from AVEVO and accompanied by guitarist Markus “Smoove” Shell, Dolla Black poetically speaks about the struggles he faces as a man, and how his family is the support system that keeps him going. Things have certainly looked up for this guy over the past couple of years and records like this show it’s “Almost Time” for him to take the next step to being a nationally recognized rhymesmith.

Enjoy the new release in full below. As previously stated there will be more to come every week here at 1DF. For the exclusives straight from Dolla Black himself be sure to subscribe to his personal website at​


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