Dolla Black comes aggresively on “Guess Who’s Back?” for week 2 of “Black Fridays”

After a successful kick-off last weekend, Dolla Black returns with week 2 of his “Black Fridays” releases. Dolla came out the gate previously with “Almost Time”, a more heartfelt record that showcased his desire for success. He flips the script this go around for sure to bring a completely different energy to the listeners.

For “Guess Who’s Back” Dolla Black comes with a track that can be considered a warning shot, if you will. He places his usually humble personality to the side to give this record a certain bravado that is easy to catch. This record will make you feel like the top dog yourself while listening to it.

“Lately I’m feeling like I may be the realest alive. Ain’t no killing my vibe, big dawg runs it. I’ll still lap niggas if I don’t run shit. If you gone take mine I suggest you come quick. No light work I come with nigga guess who’s back?”

Fierce lyrics like these fill the track from the start to finish, making for an entertaining listen. Familiar producer AVEVO matches suit in going for a different vibe from last week, this time opting for a more menacing sound. The chemistry both of these two have which each other is on full display once again.

Enjoy “Guess Who’s Back” in full now. If you like what you hear be sure to follow Dolla Black on all social media platforms via @DollaBlackBDE. Remember the Jackson native will be dropping new music all month long so if you want “Black Fridays” first subscribe at


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