Stream Champagne Duane and Cee Goods Political Anthem Gun Control


Capped by quotes from Barack Obama following fatal shootings of Black men by police in 2016, Duane’s latest release “Gun Control” is perhaps the most controversial track on the upcoming album, The Campaign. With a militant approach, Duane has an eye-for-an-eye viewpoint on police brutality over a dark, sultry beat produced by Cee Goods that asks the question, “what if we shoot back?” Channeling the views of Black Nationalist leaders, he uses lines like “and still no recourse/for militant police force/ we’re starting to get really impatient/” to take aim at the institution of racism and a prejudice justice system. Duane also uses the poetry of Langston Hughes to condemn injustice of oppressive state systems: “and it’s burning in the 3rd degree to see our dreams deferred and be referred so fervently.” It’s a story of trauma and the ensuing battle with rage that stems from these unfortunate, unjust events. Lookout for The Campaign on President’s Day – February 20th, 2017!
Champagne Duane – Gun Control (Prod by Cee Goods)

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