Dolla Black is joined by Hollywood Luck for “Yes” in celebration of “Black Fridays”

One thing that has been as certain as receiving a black history fact this month is a new release from Dolla Black. His “Black Fridays” series started introspectively in week 1 with “Almost Time”, then came the swagger in week 2 with “Guess Who’s Back?”, in week 3 he crafts another sound that showcases versatility. This go around Dolla makes one fit for the club, taking time out to speak to the ladies.

On “Yes” things get slowed down a bit, allowing Dolla Black to lay down some witty bars. He tries his hardest to get his point across to a particular lady. Bouncing production from Dolla’s go-to producer AVEVO rounds the song out once more.

Helping him to “shoot his shot” is another of Jackson, Mississippi’s veterans in Hollywood Luck. Luck has always had a penchant for melodic hooks and this one is no different. His touch goes a long way into making the replay value of the song higher. Go ahead and spin this one for a light-hearted vibe session. Remember to subscribe to and look out for more new music next week.


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