Canada’s Dys Funk collective releases a video for “Feel It Yea”

Dys FUNK, the group out of London, Ontario, Canada, includes IAWIA, EJ Suave, and Mel Reezy.  They hooked up with Waterloo Hit-Maker TooPristine for this joint, and have many more with said Hit-Maker in the bag. The film and editing was done by Jamaican born, fellow londoner and also BlemLife member Ray Hill.

    With a mix tape release last year on soundcloud, they continued to show their local communities although they have fun with their music, there is definitely a lot of talent brewing.  IAWIA, EJ Suave and Cortex are the founding members of the group.  A few have come and gone but the core remains the three you hear and see today.  

The recent discovery of their uncanny chemistry has allowed Dys FUNK to (re)begin a slew of releases each Friday for however long they feel like it, something people who are aware of their music so far are acustom to.  This ritual was dubbed Funk Fridays and see’s it’s flame ignited once again today, Friday, February 24th, 2017.  Expect to see the young men back, with something dysfunctional next friday, who knows what it just might be.


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