Bezz Believe and OG Boobie Black star in the “Legal Lean” commercial

Hiphop artist, entrepreneur, and humanatarian Bezz Believe (BWA affiliate) has teamed up with Kevin Gate’s artist BWA OG Boobie Black to create his new TV Commercial advertising his new Legal Lean drink that has exploded in popularity within the last year. The commercial is a clever play on the industries popular recreational drink known as lean that is one of the most commonly used enhancers in todays industry among some of hiphops elite. Bees Believe has teamed up with a nutrition company that has found a natural and LEGAL way to get the same effect as the lean, but out of non illegal ingredients. Featuring Kevin Gate’s artist BWA OG Boobie Black entering a local convience store to grab one of his one of his favorite drinks, but discovers that he has found the honey hole of LEGAL Lean and after a little sample is hooked! Check out the fun commercial available now on youtube along with hitting up to grab your very own LEGAL Lean while listening to Bezz Believe’s new music and you’ll be thanking us later, Enjoy!


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