Premiere: Landoh’s lucidness is on full display with “Cali’ Dreaming” featuring Shy Grey

California, a land filled with sunny weather, actors, movie studios and of course – big dreams. Michigan-bred MC Landoh is one person ready to act on his desires for rap glory. With “Cali’ Dreaming” he illustrates the vision of success as he would have it; all of the worldly possessions and women one can desire. Showing consciousness though he looks at the dream from a different angle to understand the potential for disaster therein the lifestyle.

The duality of the Cali’ dream creates for a song that can both make you nod your head and learn a lesson in restraint. Helping Landoh to construct the vividly written record is Rat Pack alumnus Shy Grey. Shy delivers a rapid assortment of bars, which only further pushes the effectiveness of the song’s message.

We are happy to be premiering this new single for you all, as Landoh’s impressive style is one that caught our ear from the onset. Be sure to stream below and purchase via iTunes if you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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