First Day Feature: Jmar Grae making MAJOR vibes with his new project “CNDi”

JMAR GRAE has done a great job of storytelling and taking you on a very emotional journey through his music.He doesn’t just rap, or sing he creates a whole vibe…a feeling that allows you to just let your mind wander and gets you all in your feelings.

His new project CNDi is an amazing audio journey!!! The opening poem “She Looks Familiar” is what sets the tone of the album and every track thereafter is full of emotion and energy! I highly recommend listening to this album while driving or while alone with headphones it only amplifies the experience of the extravagant sounds.(Recommended Tracks: “She Looks Familiar, Purple Lavender, Wrong, and P.O.M.”)Please check out Jmar Grae’s interview and get to learn a little more about what makes his music so soulful and FRESH!

Where are you from?

I’m from Waynesboro, Mississippi, though growing up I traveled a lot bouncing from one home to another all over the U.S. I always seemed to return to Waynesboro, Mississippi.

There seems to be an almost equal amount of singing AND rapping in your songs; Do you consider yourself a rapper?

Actually, I do not consider myself either. I like to think of myself as simply an artist. I just enjoy making music, expressing myself in any way it seems right, which may come with me singing or rapping.

What influences your sound?

I think a lot of my sound comes from my childhood. I grew up listening to SL100 which played a lot of pop, hip hop, r&b, rock, punk rock, and electronic music. Along with my cousins who were extreme rap fans, that introduced me to Outkast, Eminem, Wu-Tang, etc. Also along with Toonami introducing me to Daft punk and Gorillaz, I fell in love with music and every genre at a young age which explains my sound.

How do you come up with the content for your music?

I am a very emotional guy. Sometimes I fall in love with women instantaneously almost, especially if she’s showing interest and that’s extreme inspiration for me (pathetic i know lol). That was the inspiration for “Brownskin” some gorgeous girl at Wal-Mart literally bumped carts with me. I also had a very interesting childhood, growing up things could go from extra happy and perfect to extremely abusive. Which lead me to become an introvert always in deep thought, I never expressed myself much growing up so I think a good bit of my content today comes from things I wanted to express then as well.

A lot of your songs seem like you are talking to a specific woman, are you?

Funny I get that a lot. A lot of people speculate that I’m talking directly to my ex whom I dated for a long time but, it’s a bit deeper than that. But yes, it could be her, it could be the woman at the gas station that I completely romanticized a relationship with in my head that I never spoke to, or it could be my imaginary girlfriend, she’s very relevant these days.

You have a lot of soul and passion in your music, where does that soul come from?

I think it comes from being a part of a religious family. I grew up in church seeing that my grandmother was the head pastor of one in Waynesboro. I was always fascinated in how much faith, passion, soul, and emotion singers would put into their songs during praise and worship. It was enough to swell the heart and electrify the air. I never grew tired of the atmosphere that was always set by my Aunt and many other singers.

What new music/sounds can we expect from you?

Well, I have a project that I’ve just released called “CNDi” it’s an assortment of different sounds that also tell a vague story of my life. I’m expecting to release another mixtape/project around June, but in the meantime, I’ll be releasing a few singles.

For those who are unfamiliar with your music please describe it in 4 words


Do you see rap in Mississippi going mainstream like rap from/in Atlanta?

This heavily depends on the artists and the community. I think Atlanta is so successful because the artists along with the community support and stand behind the music scene very well there. It’s not so bad here in Mississippi but we definitely have some small steps to conquer, but I most definitely see Mississippi going mainstream, we have some AMAZING talent here.

What does rap mean to you?

Rap to me is like a life journal/diary in a poetic or direct form. Throughout history we’ve seen it used to bridge cultures, express ourselves in a peaceful/chaotic way, share our feelings of love, our struggles, our questions, it’s everything that introduces people to new world and perspective.

Where do you see rap going?

Hard to say today, there are so many unique forms of rap today, seems like it’s constantly changing and evolving.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would it be?

Coachella without a doubt. (but I have to get over my stage fright hehe)


Check out Jmar Grae’s FRESH, NEW project, entitled CNDi. Now available on SoundCloud: Jmar Grae


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