Kendrick Lamar Drops Surprise Video for New Single “Humble”

Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite rappers of the modern era. I have been rocking with him since the Section.80 days and continue to be impressed with his output of content. Last week he set the social media world ablaze with the fourth installment of his The Heart Freestyle Series, The Heart Part IV. Many speculated that the lyrics were aimed at his contemporaries in the rap industry; specifically Drake and Big Sean.

Yesterday afternoon Lamar dropped a surprise music video for the lead single off of his new album releasing on next Friday. The track entitled “Humble” is a return to the more mainstream-friendly sounds of Good Kid, Maad City while maintaining his undeniable uniqueness. Check out the video below:

The track sees Kendrick going in over 808-heavy production from the Trap wizard MikeWillMadeIt. There is plenty religious imagery throughout, including Kendrick dressed in Pope-like attire, a depiction of the last supper, what appears to be men dressed as the Nation of Islam, and possibly the heads being on fire. This is all in keeping with his earlier claims that his new album would deal with God. It is also great to hear him saying he prefers a female’s natural self sans Photoshop and other man-made enhancements.

Kendrick is in complete flex mode on this song. This is evidenced in particular when he says “This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that Ted Talk”. He’s basically saying that other rappers can’t cut the mustard, he’s the purest artist out and he’d be happy to teach you how you too could reach this level.

With all of the work he’s put in in the last five years, I’m sure he can back up these boasts with ease. I hope these other rappers are getting their artillery ready. Next Friday can’t get here quick enough.

—-Malcolm Morrow

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