Fresh Spotlight: Matt Millz on his start in music and more

Every now and then you come across an artist who just has a certain charisma. Its an often understated part of the journey to rap glory, but just generally being a likeable person is one thing that will take you far. Skill is still in the forefront when speaking of the top rappers in the game, but their still has to be a level of personality to the artist as well. In Meridian, Mississippi riser Matt Millz’ case he has that “it” factor in abundance and isn’t afraid to let it show.

I got my introduction to Matt’s music around late 2015, and was impressed with his presence on the microphone. The admiration for his artistry only grew when I was able to catch him on stage at The Gold Zone’s first GTA Takeover event. In a night that saw about a dozen or so performers Matt Millz stood out as one of the night’s best acts. As he left the event he hit me with a few choice words upon finding out 1stDayFresh was in the building, “write about me”.

As he continues to grow as an artist and spread his sound throughout the country, we chose to feature Matt in our Fresh Spotlight video interview series. In the three part effort we were able to learn all about how he got started musically, his future plans and even meet some of his closest friends. Enjoy.


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