We are here in the year 2017 and have experimented with hundreds of sounds, beats, and rhythms. Music has transformed over each decade but, hip-hop seems to transform almost daily. We, the hip-hop community always respect what came before us. We borrow, we create, we expand, we innovate. This is hip-hop!  Today’s refresher is ‘retired’ rapper turned actor, Will Smith. Ya’ll remember he used to rap right? If you weren’t aware, Will Smith use to be a rapper, by the name of ‘The Fresh Prince’. He worked with his good friend DJ Jazzy Jeff to make the duo: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff were an incredible team because they were pushing hip-hop forward. It wasn’t just about dancing, it wasn’t just about lyrics, it wasn’t just about scratching technique it was about everything AND THEN SOME! They always seemed to outdo themselves, using funk & soul samples over a dope boom bap beat and adding a little scratching and dope lyrics to the mix was a recipe for a hit song! They proved themselves time and time again and I just wanted to give you guys a quick bucket of water to the face!(a.k.a. refresh you 😉 )

Although he hasn’t made a new song in over a decade, his old school hits withstand the test of time. Here is one of my personal favorites, “Brand New Funk” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. This song has one of the most incredible bass lines and scratching interjections! I needed to Re-Fresh myself and you can too! If you’re like me play this with headphones and start with the Audio link and then check out the video. Songs are slightly different but, so I highly recommend you check out both!!! Start with the audio and the reward yourself with the visual!

Have a refreshing weekend!


BRAND NEW FUNK Video (lots of scratching,  dope rap intro, baseline is a little faint, visual is really hype)

BRAND NEW FUNK Audio (lots of scratching, dope mixing intro, clear baseline, mixing in sample clips, etc)


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