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RE-FRESH FRIDAY: Fresh-Squared

Yo, Yo, Yo! Welcome to another edition of Re-Fresh of Fridays. Something kind of special for you this Friday! We have a double feature today!

First up, Mississippi-grown Femcee in training, Vitamin Cea! She has only been rapping seriously since about February of 2017 but, her novice doesn’t show at all when it comes to her music! Production: on POINT!, Lyrics: on POINT!, Cadence: on POINT!, Overall: REFRESHING!!! She is bringing something new to the rap game! Something we feel like we’ve heard before. She has been compared to Chance the Rapper, Noname, for her flow style and lyrical content but, I assure you she is definitely able to be in a league of her own. I want to let y’all know now so, you can’t say I didn’t put you on game when she blows up! Check out one of her first tracks #CoppinCea and look for her new album “Joyful Noise” dropping this Sunday 4/23/17!

Now, that you got a taste of the new, let me Re-fresh your ear buds with a little something you may have not heard in a while.

Now, the 90s was a great time for black pride and artistic creativity. It seems like it comes and goes in waves, the 20s, 60s, 70s, 90s, 00s, and now we are plagued with a lot of negativity not just in the community but, in the world. We have a lot of separation instead of cohesion and unity. It’s always been happening–but, now because of social media, you are constantly reminded of the injustices we face daily.

Long story short. Music has always helped to provide comfort and unity. We bond through music! That is why hip-hop is so important it provides a safe place to unify through ‘the struggle’ together.  Hip-hop is Soul, it’s Jazz, it’s funk, it’s life and today’s Refresher comes from Arrested Development! Take a trip to Tennessee and enjoy the journey.

Until next week!

Stay Fresh!


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