Chisom. drops his debut LP “Chocolate City”

Chisom. is a first generation Nigerian-American producer, emcee, and creative director, born in Detroit and based in the DMV. Before returning to the DMV in August 2016, he the past year in Detroit, generating a buzz with videos and singles like Africa Get Money and Like Coke (So Addictiv).

On Thursday, April 20th, Chisom. released his debut LP, DreamHop: Chocolate City. The LP showcases the emcee’s unique songwriting and producing abilities, and muses on various real-life, young adult topics. Its combination of bouncy, melodic production, imaginative storytelling, and more.

“‘I called the album Chocolate City because it was shaped by my experiences and feelings after I returned to the DC area. Chocolate City is one of DC’s nicknames. I want listeners to bounce to this album, but also listen to the lyrics and say ‘Ha! That was rich, I can relate to that.’ ” – Chisom.


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